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TreeAH (tree assessment for heritage status)

TreeAH is a method of assessing whether trees are sufficiently important to be assigned heritage status. Its purpose is to help tree managers and all others interested in trees to systematically assess the suitability of trees for heritage designation. Its basic principles are common to heritage tree identification around the world and it can be applied internationally, with local modifications.

TreeAH is currently undergoing field testing in a number of countries and Version 12 is published below. This draft guidance provides an overview of TreeAH in an international context, and is useful for those requiring a more in-depth explanation of the method. The nomination form is a pdf form with fields providing the options to fill the form out by hand or electronically. The third document is a Spanish translation.

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TreeAH: Guidance on its use for assessing heritage trees
TreeAH Nomination Form
TreeAH: Guía de su uso para la evaluación de árboles monumentales TreeAH方法: 名木评估手册