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TreeAZ guidance for tree consultants

TreeAZ is designed for use by tree consultants who have been trained in assessing trees and have experience of dealing with trees in a planning context. Reliable and defensible tree assessment is difficult because of the biological and structural complexities that require subjective interpretation. Only tree consultants that are experienced and knowledgeable in the management of trees can carry out competent TreeAZ assessment. TreeAZ is not intended for use by tree enthusiasts from professions such as landscape architects, architects, surveyors and planners, because they are unlikely to have the expertise to make the subjective judgments that the method requires.

Guidance on the Use of TreeAZ

TreeAZ is suitable for international use, with local modifications to account for variations in species and planning/legal frameworks. Regional versions have been prepared, or are in the process of being prepared, for Australia and New Zealand, USA and Canada, Singapore and the UK. This guidance on the use of TreeAZ sets out detailed explanations of the principles, followed by comprehensive photographic examples that relate to each region.

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