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The following list of papers and articles trace the evolution of SULE and TreeAZ, from the early 1980s to the present day. They have been reformatted from the original publications to allow them to be downloaded as pdfs. However, they still retain the same wording, illustrations and photographs as the original documents.

  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/13/2009 To fell or not to fell; that is The tree management question! Article for ISA News – based on a paper presented at ISA International Conference, St Louis, 2008. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/12/2006 The evolution of SULE to TreeAZ. Article for ISAAC Newsletter. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/11/2006 BS 5837 (2005): Six months on - success or failure? Article in AA Newsletter Issue 132. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/10/2006 TreeAZ: An international framework for tree assessment - Paper presented at ISA International Conference, Montreal (Unpublished). Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/09/2004 The British Sub-Standard 5837: where did it all go wrong? Article in essentialARB Issue 13. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/08/2004 Pumping Arboriculture. Article in essentialARB Issue 11. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/07/2004 Keeping trees on development sites: is it possible? Article in essentialARB Issue 11. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/06/2003 TreeAZ: An international framework for tree assessment. Article in essentialARB Issue 10. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/05/2003 Planning ahead. Article in essentialARB Issue 9. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/04/2003 Tree assessment on development sites: The future of the Profession in the balance. Article in essentialARB Issue 8. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/03/2001SULE: Its use and status into the New Millennium. Paper presented to the NAAA Conference in Sydney in April 2001. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/02/1996 Pre-development tree assessment. Proceedings of the International Conference on Trees & Building Sites in Chicago, 143-155. International Society of Arboriculture, Champaign, IL. Download  
  • Pdf Icon TreeAZ/01/1993 Pre-planning Tree Surveys: SULE is the Natural Progression. Arboricultural Journal 17, 33-46. Download  

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